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Eijffinger Enso

Enso wallpaper is a pure collection full of harmony. Discover the beauty of imperfection and the power of simplicity. Cherish the expression of the now, expressed in line-drawn waves, pervaded crackle, a subtle shimmering bead of rain and diamonds cut in watercolor and metallic. The whimsical beauty of nature caught in grand flowers, which seem to have been borrowed from a graceful kimono. Elegantly sprinkled blossom twigs wallpaper and a serene honeycomb motif. Subdued colors, from black, shades of gray and off-white, to deep ink, petrol, copper and rhubarb.   In a world full of stimuli every moment of rest is invaluable. With Enso Wallpaper, create room for reflection and genuine attention to all the details that matter.

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